Structured communication often highlights that you are organized, clear on your message and prepared. There’s also more of a freedom and flow when you don’t have to worry about reciting your message word-for-word. If you are so scripted, there’s no spontaneity. The key is to know the points, but not how to get there. To master the art of creating structure, refer to your notes versus reading from them.

In this article by Steve Jagler for CEOWORLD magazine, Katen offers six techniques for delivering a more authentic, structured keynote speech that is not scripted.

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The Communication Habit by one of today’s leading experts in business communication, Laura Katen, shows you how and provides a proactive roadmap for navigating some of the most common and awkward workplace situations.

Laura was invited to speak to Mission Getting To Next, an organization created to empower women that have returned from military service. Laura spoke to them about how to exude a professional presence and increase awareness to how others perceive them as they transition out of the military and into business world.

Strategic Dining Tips
The ability to navigate food, drink, and conversation is essential to making a savvy impression in the business world. Two tips are briefly discussed.

Top tips for making a professional, polished, and positive impression with a focus on Strategic Dining in a business setting.