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The New Generation Gap

The New Generation Gap   September 22nd, 2008 To begin a cross-generational awareness and managing a multigenerational work force training program, participants were asked to write down stereotypes of each generation. The Business Council of Westchester members wrote descriptions of “young” for Gen. Y, “driven” for Gen. X, “ethics” for baby boomers and “old-fashioned” for […]

Competences Management

Competences Management   August 31st, 2007 Often badly prepared to approach the world of work, more and more of young people leaving the university want to be supported in their search of the first employment. Coaches for young American graduates To shake hands with assurance, to pose its voice, to wear adequate clothing in winter […]

Do Your Kids Have the Real-World Skills…

Do Your Kids Have the Real-World Skills…   October 26th, 2006 I love banana bread — a few key ingredients, blended together, given time to rise (with a little help from your oven), and poof — a delicious masterpiece. What does banana bread have to do with success? The same basic recipe holds true in […]

Youth Find Ally in Job-Skills Guru

Youth Find Ally in Job-Skills Guru   June 26th, 2006 Like many Americans, Laura Katen laments the current state of customer service in this country. Young people behind registers are often too focused on their personal lives rather than the customer before them. It’s all too common to see such workers carrying on conversations with […]