Specifically designed for high school and college students embarking on the job search, entering the workforce, or looking to make a positive impression at an interview, KATEN CONSULTING’s Enhance Your Chance® Curriculum cover some of the most important skills needed to appear polished, professional, and make a positive first and lasting impression.
Great gifts for new graduates, and high school or college students!

EYC-BOOK-CROPPEDWorkbook Topics include:

Book 1: Workplace Dress to Impress
Book 2: Speaking with Distinction in the Workplace
Book 3: Exhibiting Proper Workplace Etiquette
Book 4: Embarking on a Successful Job Search
Book 5: Writing an Effective Résumé
Book 6: Creating an Impressive Cover Letter
Book 7: Learning Invaluable Interview Techniques
Vocabulary Builder: bolded words and definitions
Notes: outlining more detailed information
Tips: strategies for successfully utilizing skills
Sample: example documents or answers
Activity Corner: exercises for pairs or mini groups
Exercise Your Mind: individual skill-building exercises
Resource Materials: signaling where you can find specific information
(FYI) For Your Information: additional information on a topic