EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION – Position employees to be more effective communicators by conveying confidence, purpose, and clarity in their verbal, non-verbal, and written communications as well as through the way they interact with others. Topics include: Elements of the Voice; Non-Verbal Cues; Business Writing; Social Media Protocol; Phone Etiquette; Active vs. Passive Listening; Navigating Common & Awkward Workplace Situations; Techniques for Building Rapport; Greetings; Introductions of Others; Small Talk; Meeting Protocol ~ Hosting & Being a Guest; and Accent Reduction. Please Note: Accent Reduction is a separate program. 

Effective Workplace Communication for Employees

A one-day group learning session that focuses on giving employees verbal, non-verbal, listening, and email strategies and techniques for being effective communicators. The following themes will be covered:

MODULE 1: First Impressions

MODULE 2: Verbal

MODULE 3: Non-Verbal Cues

MODULE 4: Face-to-Face Communication

MODULE 5: Listening

MODULE 6: Written Communication

MODULE 7: Building Rapport

Outcome: Employees will complete the session with key techniques and strategies that they can immediately use to develop and strengthen their communication skills.