Communicating with Confidence, Clarity, and Credibility

A one-day Group Learning Session – interactive group sessions introduce supervisors and managers to key communication strategies and techniques. The following themes are covered:

  • Our World Perception and how it affects our impressions of others;
  • First Impressions: How do people perceive me and why?;
  • Key foundational communication models, to include:
  1. Body Language
  2. Voice / Words
  3. Active Listening
  4. Difficult Conversation Model
  5. Brain Physiology: why we respond the way we do
  6. Marshall Rosenberg and Empathy
  7. Feedback: delivering / receiving / feedback loop
  • What is my general communication style? *

* Please note: participants will complete a brief Assessment during the session. This Assessment will convey in general terms the type of communicator a supervisor/manager is. KATEN CONSULTING will be reviewing the strengths and limitations associated with each style in order to help supervisors best understand how to tailor / “flex” their styles when communicating with others.

  • Flexing my Style: How do I “flex” my style to most effectively communicate with others?