BUSINESS / SOCIAL ETIQUETTE – Position employees to be seen as credible, confident, and professional both in and out of the office by knowing how to effectively build rapport and network, speak about themselves and the company, and effectively host or attend a business meal/event.

Business Etiquette topics include: How to Work a Room; Strategies for Building Rapport; Elevator Pitches; Business Card Protocol; and How to Handle Common and Awkward Workplace Situations. Social Etiquette topics include: Tabletop Navigation, Foods to Order / Avoid, Strategies for Handling Food, Drink, and Conversation; Transitioning from Small Talk to Business Conversation, Understanding the Nuances of Buffet vs. Sit-Down Style Dining, Being a Gracious Guest, Being an Effective Host, and What to Do at Cocktail Receptions. Etiquette lunches / dinner are 2-4 hrs. 



Position employees and leaders to distinguish themselves, and the company, through the way they interact with colleagues and clients and their ability to build rapport.

Topics include:

  • Navigating Common & Awkward Workplace Situations
  • Techniques for Building Rapport
  • Greetings, Introductions & Small Talk
  • Meeting Protocol ~ Hosting & Being a Guest
  • Cross-Cultural Etiquette.

Please Note: Cross-Cultural Etiquette is a separate program.


Position employees and leaders to reflect credibility, confidence, and courtesy, thereby, gaining a competitive advantage while hosting, or attending, a business meal. During a formal sit-down meal, employees and leaders hone their ability to:

  • Navigate the Table Top & Handle Cutlery
  • Understand Foods to Order / Avoid
  • Strategically Balance Food and Drink w/Conversation
  • Practice Transitioning from Small Talk to Broaching Business Conversation
  • Understand the Nuances of Buffet Dining vs. Sit-Down Style Dining
  • Learn Techniques for Being a Gracious Guest
  • Establish Themselves as Effective Hosts

Please Note: Etiquette lunches / dinner are 2-4 hrs.