Specifically designed for high school and college students embarking on the job search, entering the workforce, or looking to make a positive impression at an interview.

KATEN CONSULTING’s Enhance Your Chance® Curriculum covers some of the most important skills needed to appear polished, professional, and make a positive first and lasting impression.

Great gifts for new graduates, and high school or college students!

Workbook Topics include:

  • Book 1: Workplace Dress to Impress
  • Book 2: Speaking with Distinction in the Workplace
  • Book 3: Exhibiting Proper Workplace Etiquette
  • Book 4: Embarking on a Successful Job Search
  • Book 5: Writing an Effective Résumé
  • Book 6: Creating an Impressive Cover Letter
  • Book 7: Learning Invaluable Interview Techniques


  • PERSONAL BRAND & APPEARANCE – Students learn how everything from their attire and accessories to their personal grooming, body language, and mannerisms create positive or negative impressions. They learn how these impressions, many times, have a direct impact on the opportunities they receive.
  • EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION – In order to succeed at an interview or in the workplace, it is essential that students speak well and communicate effectively. Topics include: Elements of the Voice; Non-Verbal Cues; Writing Effective Emails; Social Media Protocol; Phone Etiquette; Active vs. Passive Listening.
  • INTERACTIONS & BUILDING RAPPORT – Students practice techniques for presenting themselves with the kind of polish and professionalism that show they should be taken seriously. Topics include: Navigating Common & Awkward Situations; Techniques for Building Rapport; Greetings; Introductions of Others; Small Talk.
  • STRATEGIC DINING – Through a formal sit-down meal, students practice the art of conversation while honing their dining skills. Topics include: Table Top Navigation, Making Small Talk, Handling Silverware, When and What to Order, Buffet Style Dining, and Navigating Common & Awkward Dining Situations.
  • NETWORKING SAVVY – In today’s competitive environment, companies are looking for the best and the brightest students. Position students to interact and speak about themselves effectively. Topics include: How to Work a Room; Elevator Pitches; Business Card Protocol; Strategies for Handling Food, Drink, and Conversation; and How to Handle Awkward Interactions. Please Note: A formal Networking Simulation Event is also available with this program.


KATEN CONSULTING's Enhance Your Chance® JOB SEARCH SERIES helps students learn how to capitalize on each job opportunity and distinguish themselves from the other candidates. Topics include:
  • FIRST IMPRESSIONS – “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Students learn how their attire, the way they communicate, how they interact with others, and the way they conduct themselves during a meal impacts how others view them and the opportunities they receive.
  • EFFECTIVE RESUME STRATEGIES – Students review their resumes for common errors, common pitfalls, and to make sure they have included elements that will add to the effectiveness of the document.
  • CRITICAL COVER LETTER TECHNIQUES – Students learn the importance and purpose of this document and tailor their current documents to effectively introduce themselves, and highlight how their qualifications will benefit and add value to the position, company or college to which they are applying.
  • INVALUABLE INTERVIEW TIPS – Students practice techniques and strategies that help them to reflect their intelligence, confidence and capability as well as role-play how to answer questions and ask insightful ones. Please Note: Formal Mock Interviews are available with this program.